Summer is waning, don’t let your smile wane.

Fall is a great time to clean and whiten your smile. Check out this Fall Special: Teeth Cleaning and Whitening for $199. (exam is $28 for new patients, $21 for current patients.) The regular price for Whitening is $249! Schedule today, just click on the link for the scheduler use coupon code “blog” for the discount.

Back to the Future

Well, after a brief trial of having employees, I am back to running my practice by myself. It will be me you are scheduling appointments with either online or with a phone call to the office. I will return calls as soon as I can, so please be patient. You can always schedule your appointment online and avoid the voice mail. Thanks for your loyalty throughout the years in choosing me to help you have clean, healthy teeth and gums. Watch the Black Friday ads in the Reporter Herald for great holiday specials! I look forward to seeing you soon! Keep brushing and flossing! Don’t let the bacteria sit long enough to cause trouble.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Meet Debbie & Susan!

Debbie has joined our team at Aabsolutely Smiles.  Her voice is the one you’ll hear when you call the office.  Debbie has years of experience working with dental patients, scheduling appointments and insurance claims.  She is very excited to work with us to provide you the best dental hygiene care you’ve ever had!  Give us a call and get your mouth healthy and it will help the rest of your body be healthy too!

Schedule your teeth cleaning with Susan!  Susan has many years of experience in dental hygiene.  With a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene, she is well prepared to tailor your dental hygiene treatment to your specific needs.  Our schedule can usually accommodate appointments in the same week that you call.  You can also schedule online at from the convenience of your home or office.

We strive to provide Excellence in Dental Hygiene Care without the wait for a dentist.  We help you find a dentist if you need one, someone who will address your specific dental needs.  We also offer digital dental x-rays which expose you to far less radiation than the traditional dental film x-rays.  We can help with gum disease and we consult with local periodontists for coordinated care at a lower cost to you without compromising the care.  We want to be your dental hygiene care providers, give us a call.

New things happening at Aabsolutely Smiles!

Spring is just around the corner!  It is time to brighten your smile!  We have added a diode laser to our whitening services.  With laser whitening, it takes about one hour and your teeth are whiter!  Less sensitivity, too!  Give us a call to schedule your laser whitening today!

Summer Smiles

How is your smile this summer?  We are shining smiles here at Aabsolutely Smiles.  When you call the office, you might speak with Jeanine!  She is the new office manager and will greet you with a smile.  Jeanine will get your appointment scheduled as soon as possible.  I am traveling and training dentists and their staff on the i-CAT 3-D imaging machines and i-CAT Vision Software. Gendex also markets the smaller field of view machine in the same system.  This new 3-D imaging is great for the dentist to diagnose, treatment plan and provide the best dental treatment possible to the patient.  Implants, orthodontics and oral surgery are just some of the areas that are benefiting from this technology.  If you are in need of these types of treatment, ask the dentist if he/she will use 3-D imaging by i-CAT. We can show you the benefits of this technology when you are in for your cleaning.

Having a Holiday Smile

How is your smile holding up during the holiday festivities? Here are some pointers for having a healthy smile throughout the party season.

  1. Keep your mouth as clean as you can.  This means cleaning in-between your teeth every day with something; floss, toothpicks, Soft Picks by GUM or flosser-picks.
  2. Be careful of very hard candies and peanut brittle, if you have a tooth that is already weakened by large fillings, it can break off if you bite down in just the right spot.
  3. Brush at least two times every day!  This will keep the bacteria “moving” so they don’t get a chance to cause disease.
  4. Clean the top of your tongue–bacteria set up shop there just like they do around your teeth and gums.  A plastic tongue cleaner is more effective than your toothbrush.
  5. Of course, get your rest and physical activity to keep your whole body ticking!

Schedule a smile maintenance to make sure that gum disease is not creeping up on you.  Early detection and treatment can help you save your teeth and your smile!

Welcome to Aabsolutely Smiles!

IMGP9590…where clean teeth are our business.  We believe that a clean and healthy mouth can promote a healthier body.  Researchers are now making direct connections between the bacteria in the mouth, mostly involved in periodontal (gum) disease, and conditions like heart disease and diabetes.  One of our goals is to help you find the simplest way for you to have a clean, healthy mouth.

Many patients have dental needs and so we try to match you up with a dentist who will meet your dental, financial and personality needs.  We use digital dental x-rays so your total dose is reduced by about 90% compared to regular film dental x-rays.  You, the patient, are our number one concern at Aabsolutely Smiles.  Come in and find out how a healthy mouth can change your life!